More than just an Accounting System

RediPro© is much more than a pure accounting system. Double-entry accounting is just one aspect of RediPro©, one special function within the RediPro© information system. It would be more fitting to describe RediPro as a comprehensive information system, in which everything that occurs within an economic entity flows together and is integrated, and which keeps the data completely consistent within a homogenous system.

Microsoft Windows 7

RediPro© supports Microsoft Windows 7 as well as Vista. This means that, with RediPro© not only are you on the safe side now, but also in the future.

Microsoft Windows Vista

RediPro supports Microsoft Windows Vista.

Microsoft .NET

RediPro’s software concept based on Microsoft´s .NET 2.0 Framework is state-of-the-art. It is highly future-proof and its solutions’ lifespan is practically unlimited thanks to its dependency on manufacturers (PC operating systems, server operating systems, databases). The MONO Project is even enabling versions for Mac OS X (S. 183 Heft 16 c´t 2005).

Our newsletter keeps you up-to-date on this software’s significance and the benefits it brings, its links with the so-called .NET technology and the potential independence from companies such as Microsoft which this may enable for you over the next few years. It also tells you what to look out for when purchasing new software.