RediPro© Accountancy

GOB/GOS (German Principles of Proper Accounting/Memory-Based Accounting) and German Tax Code Conformity

GOB/GOS conformaty means that RediPro .NET might be the only accounting system which consistently meets 100 % of the requirements of a proper accounting system and which has no need for change records, as nothing ever changes in it.

Naturally, RediPro meets the requirements of the German Principles for Data Access and Verifiability of Digital Documents (GdPdU). Accounting-relevant documents can be “attached” to the relevant entry line so that the GdPdU conformity criterion is fulfilled here too. more information

Revision Security

100 % revision security (no overwriting or deleting) and traceability of every single item (!). In RediPro© nothing is ever deleted or overwritten, it is only crossed-out. This guarantees revision security by definition. more information

GdPdU (German Principles for Data Access and Verifiability of Digital Documents) Conformity

Entire accounting data sets (from other systems) can be transferred to RediPro, saved with GdPdU conformity and, if desired and compatible with the GdPdU rules, processed further. This drastically reduces the costs associated with storage duties, there is no need for separate storage procedures and all the data is available in a unified, homogenous environment. Interested in finding out how RediPro can take care of your accounting system? - more here