Solution Partners

Solution Partners have got an excellent, tested knowledge plus many years of business experience.

Management consultants, auditors and qualified systems houses are our partners. These partners produce solutions of a quality which RediPro alone makes possible.

This provides the customer with an added financial benefit with shorter consulting times. The consultant is able to charge significantly higher numbers of hours and daily rates for shorter consulting times. So both benefit.

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Surplus Adding Partners

VAR (Value-Added Resellers) Partners must have Solution Partner status and be able to offer Certified Applications or at least an application-based added benefit realised through API.

VAR Partners offer their customers a broad range of products and services while avoiding the burden of the software development costs whose calculation is economically difficult.

VAR Resellers exploit the efficiency of the RediPro framework and widen and stabilise their range of products and services for end-customers without incurring any significant development costs.

A VAR Partner receives maximum support alongside the RediPro framework, from training via support for end-customer advice, presentations and technical know-how to end-customer support.

RediPro thereby guarantees the inviolability of the VAR Partner’s relationship with his customers and the confidentiality of all information obtained by RediPro during work within the framework of a VAR partnership.

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Certified Applications Partners

These partners have got special technical know-how such as production planning and control, payroll accounting and specialist materials management & control and time management tasks.

These partners implement this specialist knowledge using RediPro’s SDK (Software Development Kit) with added security, speed and cost-efficiency, assisted by RediPro’s special plug-in technology.

Relevant agreements and strict quality management ensure that only applications are published and certified which fulfil RediPro’s high quality requirements.

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Certified Applications Partners are frequently also Solution Partners.